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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  September 11, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. this is "right this minute." great videos and the stories behind them. let's get to talking about them. it's the fire and the fury from one of the world's most infamous volcanos. meet the man who defied danger to get this close. >> i was camping out on the nearby islands, which is inhabited by lizards. an unsuspecting cab driver picks up a fare -- >> for a ride home. >> see how the driver is the one who got taken for a ride. a guy makes a video plea for a date. ♪ i'm looking for a girl i can call my miss right ♪ >> hear how many ladies romeo
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has been able to reel in. >> they were impressed with your rap skills? plus, a drummer's point of view you've probably never seen. and a super fan mourns a loss. >> i got to give her the red badge of courage for this one. >> how she went all razorback to back her team. i have some absolutely incredible images of one of the world's most infamous volcanos. this is in indonesia. when it erupted several days ago, it sent ash and debris anywhere from two to four mile into the air. this video is of the lava flow that is coming down and flowing into the sea. >> it has a strange, dark beauty to it. >> when it erupted, the government said no one should go within about a half a mile of this volcano. so this video is incredible because we are so close to it. the reason i called it an
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infamous volcano, is erupted back in 1883 killing more than 36,000 people. the man who shot this, his name is james reynolds. he's via skype from hong kong. what gave you the courage to do this? >> i have some good contacts in indonesia, and i've seen some recent pictures by the news. i had an idea of what kind of activity was taking place there. i really came up with the plan to just check it out at first. if it looked like it was safe enough, as you get in close to the volcano and start shooting. >> describe the heat you felt. being that close. >> the first thing i wanted to do was see what the seawater was like. you put your hand in there, and it's like a hot bath. >> exactly how close are you? >> probably within 50 to 100 feet. >> toward the end of the video you have some night shots. how long did you stay in this area to film? >> i was there for exactly 24
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hours. i was camped out on the nearby islands, which is inhabited by giant lizards. so that was an adventure in itself. these things take on a totally different sight after dark. it's a glowing red monster, really. i managed to catch one small explosion as well, which looked fantastic with all the flying red lava. >> was this volcano threatening anybody at the time? >> luckily for the local population, the volcano is about 25 miles offshore, so the main threat is mostly just from ash fallout. when it has a big eruption, it can dump ash on the villages in the mainland. being a cab driver has its risks, but you would never think it gets to this. >> you put glasses on your face to help you see, i'll crush them. i'll [ bleep ] crush them. you tried to take my money! >> dramatic video released this weekend. this happened early sunday
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morning in surf city, north carolina. the man you see on the left is gunnery sergeant john adam. the marine, the driver on the right, is charles hocksworth jr. he didn't like the fact that the cab was going to be shared with another fare. >> i ain't going to split a cab with anybody. >> the owner of the cab company says they frequently double up just to save our fares money. if you don't want to ride with somebody, you don't have to. >> the cab driver is telling him that. >> you don't have to split a cab with anybody. >> no, i don't. you tried to [ bleep ] take my money! get out of the car! >> i'm not trying to take anything from you. >> get out of the car! get out of the car! >> [ bleep ]! >> right after this incident, gunnery sergeant john adam checked himself into a mental hospital. >> well, that's where he
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belongs. this dude's a scum bag. >> get out the car! >> are there charges? >> the chief of police says because he's been checked into the hospital, they haven't been able to serve him. the driver was taken to the hospital. he had multiple fhi he was released from the hospital. i talked to the cab owner today. he said the cab driver is on his way to duke university to have surgery on his face because of the beating he took. two swimmers and four surfers were caught in a rip current off the coast of wide mouth beach in the u.k. to the rescue, once again, the rnli, or the royal national lifeboat institution. these guys, they're volunteers, and they save a ton of people. according to their website, 139,000 lives have been saved at sea by these guys since 1824.
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>> go rnli. >> of course, in this case, dude's out on a surf board swimming out to these people caught in a rip current. we're seeing all this from a camera attached to the surf board, which is a cool angle you don't see every day. one of these guys gets one of these people trapped on to the surf board. looks like a girl. swims her back to safety. this lifeguard drops off the first person, heads back out to the water to save someone else. looks like this person's on a surf board or boogie board. they ride the wave back into shore. i think, man, this video kind of feels like the beginning of a romantic comedy. like these two are going to fall in love after something like this. >> look at the muscles on that guy. how can you not fall in love? >> they upload a lot of their videos to the web. you have to hand it to them. they're volunteers.
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this is all fear when we travel. houston police say this guy stole five designer golf bags and one custom made mountain bike. you're talking thousands of dollars worth of stuff. >> going up to baggage claim and randomly taking people's stuff. >> he was so bold when he got it. >> they got the license plate number then. >> he's in custody. they arrested 29-year-old jason pine. he's facing a felony theft charge. >> that's amazingly brazen. given that the people who own the golf bag and are waiting for the bike are probably standing somewhere around this baggage claim. >> but all you have to do is have the confrontation. oh, this is yours? i'm sorry. i have another one coming that looks just like this. then you get away. >> you know what? that's exactly why i always stand right at the opening. so as soon as my bag comes out,
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i grab it. >> i like to pack like a dead fish in my bag so it stinks real bad and no one would ever want to steal that. >> but then your stuff smells like a dead fish. >> but i know where it came from. >> that sounds like a perfectly sane solution to the problem. we've got crazy dash cams from russia, and watch out pedestrians. >> but this guy is like uh, uh, uh. >> see what happens when one man fights back. so tell me, would you do this on your vacation? >> he's like man handling a tiger. it's not like a tiger cub. >> see where the tigers are a tourist attraction, "right this minute." my name is debi.
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right now it's time for a segment we like to call best of rtm where we tell you about bonus videos you can find on our website. >> youtuber chuck from the bronx takes on all sorts of eating
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challenges. this time he's tackling the wendy's dollar menu challenge. that's when you eat everything off the wendy's dollar menu. except, he puts everything in a blender. now, from something to might make you sick to your stomach that might make you have a belly laugh. the folks from improv everywhere have done another video. tons of people come together and hang out at coney island all while wearing black tie attire. >> no speedos allowed. >> to check out these videos, head to look at what happened to this lady. dash cam video, accident. >> wow. >> she even gets splashed by the puddle, or did she avoid that too? >> i think she may have avoided that too. there were a few near misses with the cars. that one swerved out of the way of this black car, but in doing
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so started heading straight to that woman. she was quick on her feet and missed getting hit by that car. >> it all happens in the blink of an eye. well, check out this other video. in this one, we have a similar incident where a car is just about to hit a pedestrian. take a look. that white car almost guy. again, very quick on his feet. runs back to this guy. he's like, uh, uh, uh, because he's about to -- >> oh, boy. >> that's a solid car. >> he gave it a toe kick and it fell to pieces. >> he took some hardware off the front there. >> did he lose his shoe too? >> i don't want to believe he lost his shoe. >> he did. >> because he goes after it. >> it's not like he's so concerned about the bits of the car that fell off. he's going after his shoe. h hey, he's alive. when it comes to college football, there are fans, and
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then there are super fans. let me introduce you to one. this is youtube user. as you can tell, she's a big arkansas razorbacks fan. this is fresh off the heels of arkansas losing to university of louisiana monroe. major upset. but don't worry. she's here to console us all. ♪ >> of course, she's singing too the tune of the heavily covered song "united we stand" by the brotherhood of man. yeah, razorbacks are also hogs. as you can tell, she has her nose taped upward to remember that of a hog. surprisingly, she doesn't sound that nasally. >> i have to give her the red badge of courage for this one.
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what other woman would go on youtube and tape her nose up to look like a piggy? >> i have to point out that i love that hat. when she goes profile shot and you see how long that snout is on that hat, that's awesome. >> yeah, i'm not sure what part of this to love more than the other. there's a lot going on here. >> oh, yeah. ♪ united we stand >> this is pig city saying, go, hawks, go. busted on camera. >> busted. >> on the next, "right this minute." and still to come, jet man is flying high right next to a fighter plane. >> he's flying with a jet pack. does anybody see how awesome this is? >> see the awe-worthy stunt a little lite ater. and scott made a rap video
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i don't think i'd do this if i was going to thailand. this is a tourist attraction where you can see tourists with sticks and bags at the end with
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something in them playing with these tigers. >> is that the park staff in the pink shirts? >> i'm believing they're the park staff because they're the ones who have no problem pushing the cat out of the way. like that lady right there. she's like man handling a tiger. and it's not like a tiger cub. >> is that cotton candy in those bags? that's what it looks like. >> it has to be catnip or something. not a single time in this 2:52 video does any human get harmed. >> i'm horrified by this. where do you go if something goes wrong? there's a giant wall behind these people. >> you go into the jaws of the tiger. and everybody goes scattering. everyone's laugh. no one looks nervous. no one looks concerned there are wild animals that could kill you just right in front of you. >> you just have to run faster than the other person.
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here at "right this minute," we love it when viewers submit their favorite videvideos. >> our viewer chelsea carter sent us this video. >> sure has been a challenge trying to fi looking for a gir can call my miss right ♪ ♪ 5'5", pretty, slender, and polite ♪ >> this is scott's dating video. it's hard to get a date these days. you just got to get creative sometimes. >> might as well drop a beat. ♪ a girl that likes to exercise and stay in shape ♪ ♪ we'll go to whole foods and buy organic grapes ♪ >> i figured you'd like that. he goes to whole foods. >> as far as rap videos go, he's nailed it. he's got the add-ins like "uh-huh" and "yeah." >> via skype right this minute,
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we have scott. scott, have you gotten any dates from this video? >> yes, i've actually been on three dates with three different women so far. i still haven't found the right one for me yet, but i'm very optimistic. >> so it was the video that made these girls want to go out with you? they were impressed with your rap skills? >> i was definitely getting a lot of props about the rap itself. i've received over 100 e-mails so far from women around the country. >> what did your bros think of this? >> all my friends loved it. they thought i did something really unique and cool. they've been very supportive of it. >> have you got any crazy offers? >> i received an e-mail from a cougar-ish aged woman. she was like in her 40s. she wanted to have a one-nightstand with me. >> how did you respond? >> i couldn't go there. i'm really looking for a serious relationship. >> since you haven't met mrs. right yet, do you want to say
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something to the ladies? >> i'm not a jerk, i'm a real nice guy. i wear suits, button-ups, and nice ties. i'll take you out dancing if it makes you style. h-h-h hip hop and freestyle. >> good luck finding mrs. right. ♪ i know you're out there, this song is for you ♪ a video that puts you right in the drummer's seat. >> you get a first-person point of view of this jam out in the studio by one of the coolest drummers in the business. >> we'll reveal the dude
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a lesson in interpretive dance. >> oh, love it. >> i see he's not so used to walking in these things. >> i love the back outstretched leg. looks like he's doing a jane fonda exercise. >> these are barkley's second pair. he chewed up the first one because after all, he is a dog. dogs aren't used to wearing shoes. >> he chewed up the first pair because he didn't want to wear them. >> but he's got to wear them. the people who posted the video said there was a problem with his paws and the ice and the salt. he had a cut on his paw. these kept his paw nice and clean and dry. >> barkley could just get comfortable in these things, he'd look rather stylish. >> two feet up. look at it. it's like he's dancing. it's like he's doing ballet.
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>> kind of like a break dance. nick, you are welcome, because i know you're really going to like this one. >> kate upton? >> close. different type of package. this is actually jet man doing yet another one of his stunts. this time he is going up into the sky to fly in formation with a spit fire, which is a fighter plane from the '40s. very symbolic. >> a world war ii fighter plane. this guy is going to be flying along with him. >> exactly. it's an amazing, amazing view. >> this guy should have his own show. he doesn't get enough press, i don't think. he's flying with a jet pack. they've made movies about this stuff. does anybody see how awesome this is? >> we all do. >> why is snooki on television, and jet man isn't?
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>> because she sells a lot more -- >> getexcited wi me. forknow, he's the first person to achieve sustained human flight using a jet suit, wings. >> it's awesome. he uses hobby jet engines. >> there are several different angles, and it's really spectacular to see him flying so kplo close to this plane. this isn't the first time he's done something like this. he's done a similar stunt where he flew in formation with two jets. look what he just did right there. he just flew around this spit fire. it's amazing. >> jet power. go-pro cameras capture everything. extreme sports to crashes, all kinds of cool stuff. how about this? this is carter beauford from the dave matthew's band. carter sticks the go-pro in his mouth. >> people trip out if i walked out on stage with some flippers
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and a scuba tank and one of these. >> and you get a first-person point of view from this total jam out in the studio by one of the coolest drummers in the business. ♪ do they make like a mouth rig for the go-pro? like something you bite down on with the camera connected to it. >> i'm not aware of it. i think he's just biting down on it. >> they could have strapped it to his head or neck. >> i could only imagine that maybe up on his head wasn't quite the perspective they were looking for. here you can just see him look at each individual skin. >> let me hear this. ♪ >> there are a lot more drums than i thought back there. not to mention the different
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symbols. >> this makes you feel like you're the drummer for the three minutes this video lasts. >> that's it for our show. see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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